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Abolishing the police is the first step to a new society

The police are responsible for stopping previous movements to reimagine or change the world. To imagine a new society—which is more important than ever as climate change looms—we need to first remove the barrier that is stopping movements from gaining momentum.

Why don’t American blacks “know they’ve got it good”?

Kelly and Sheridan are inclined to have it that the reason for the US protests is in part anguish (over disadvantage) but largely the result of a fashion in political identification: identity politics and the fracturing of the polity/society into incommensurate groupings that refuse to identify with the whole.

Before the Next Massacre, by Christopher Houston

Cultural supremacism or shared ordinariness?

The Unspoken ‘Wog’ Slur, by Gavin Lewis

Britain’s neoliberal media and New Imperialism

The Book of Mormon, by Russell Marks

The hit show’s breathtaking racism

Anti-Semitism Moral Panics, by Gavin Lewis

Coverage of the Moshe Fuerst assault reveals deep-seated media prejudice

A Smear on the Nation, by Joe Morrison

The stain of the Intervention on Indigenous–non-Indigenous relations.

Reflecting on Solidarity after the Coburg Protest, by Andy Blunden & Lynn Beaton

On Saturday 28th May a peaceful rally, 'Moreland Says No to Racism', was successfully held outside the Coburg library. The rally was organised many weeks beforehand; sixty local organisations (including the Moreland Council) endorsed the rally, and publicity was widely distributed. Racist groups from outside Moreland made their intention to disrupt the rally known. In response groups of anti-racists determined to directly confront the racist groups. The resulting brawl captured media coverage of the day…

Time for Treaty, By Tony McAvoy

Principles for a treaty based on fundamental human equality

What ‘Democracy’ Occludes

By Alison Caddick

The Education of a Spice Girl: Running Amok

Amanda Johnson

The Languages of Reconciliation

Leanne Reinke