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Guy Rundle was founding co-editor of Arena Magazine and is Associate Editor of Arena (third series). He is a well-known essayist and is writer-at-large for Crikey. His most recent book Practice: Journalism, Essays and Criticism was published by Black Inc. in 2019.

Planed Flat – Victoria, Stage 4: Is the new model barmy?

Yet the lockdown may be a product of the very assumptions classical liberals draw on for their one-dimensional idea of ‘freedom’.

On the Christchurch Massacre

Everything about this massacre appears to have been dedicated to one end: to create an act that was irreducibly political, one in which the ends were not consumed by the ghastly, nihilistic means.

The Anti-Aesthetic of Cancel Culture

The implicit politics of the present—in which the deep left aim of creating a society of universal self-flourishing is rendered as a society of universal ‘safety’, in an expanded sense—trends towards a ban on representation, since any representation of suffering or wrong can be taken as exploitation or aggression.

The Dismissal: The Beginning of the Era of Total Surveillance

The Kerr–Palace letters have turned attention back to the role of the Queen and British power in the sacking of the Whitlam government. But the dismissal was really the beginning of a new type of US power, linked to total surveillance, with Sir John Kerr as its willing accomplice.

Will the Australian project end as it began?

The counter-narrative would be that it is we, not China, that are isolated in the region: white, settler, a firm US ally, happy to support a US- and Europe-dominated world order at the UN, and to give no real recognition to the narrative that joins billions of East Asians together: that for a century or so they were dominated, exploited and humiliated by white imperial powers, and that they are now on the way to…

Informit: Chaos-bringing ‘men in time’ [Book Review]

Review(s) of: War for Eternity: The Return of Traditionalism and the Rise of the Populist Right, by Benjamin R. Teitelbaum, (Penguin, 2020).

The Virus as a Stage of History

If we are in a 'viral age', then as humanity we are in a jam, with a permanent gap between the problem and a techno-solution…

Informit: This kind of position is a sort of ‘Bourbon Marxism’, forgetting nothing because it has learnt nothing, and intoxicating to boot: Shock of the new

'Everyone is shocked', the insider told me, in a text exchange a few days after the recent British election, as the scale of the defeat began to sink in. Boris Johnson's Conservative Party had won 360-plus seats in the 650-seat House of Commons, on 43.6 per cent of the vote. The Tories had gone to the public with a simple message: get Brexit done, because it was voted for in the referendum. Labour went to…

Informit: Reduction to meme [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Fully automated luxury communism: A manifesto, by Aaron Bastani (Verso, 2018).

Informit: An Australian narrative

Arena Magazine came into being thirty years ago as contemporary Australia was being born. What is that beast? Trying to disentangle the recent history of Australia from its mythical past sometimes seems akin to labouring under the lights in Ceaușescu's enormous national kitsch factory, Romania's Palace of People, trying to sort plaster myth from real ornament. But it also seems a good time to try to do so, as this magazine of Australian commentary changes…

Informit: Exhibition Mute Melancholy [Book Review]

Review(s) of: KAWS: Companionship in the age of loneliness, by NGV International (September 2019-April 2020).

Informit: Trigger warnings: An exchange

Review(s) of: Trigger warnings: An exchange.