Articles by: Kathleen Mary Fallon

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Kathleen Mary Fallon is a novelist, poet, playwright, script writer and critic. She was a lecturer in the creative writing program at the University of Melbourne for eight years.

‘I can’t go on. I’ll go on.’: A review of Aaron Fa’Aoso’s So Far So Good

Why does Fa’Aoso tell his story now? The reason is a shame and stain on this country, and not one that many whitefellas in their midforties would have for writing their memoir: early death.

He’s On A Roll: ‘Holding Patterns’ by Alisdair Cannon

There are shades of Swift in Cannon’s solutions to the Birth-Strikes movement: ‘have your child and shoot a banker … gun down a fossil fuel executive … kill a politician for each child you have’.

Credibility Gulf: Theatrical strategies to wake up the narcoticised viewer

Living as we do in the grip of the mind-numbing spin of the 24-hour news cycle, one horror event after another desensitising us, what happens to our memory, our sensitivity, our political engagement?

Time Travel Through Unfinished Business

A story.