About Arena

Arena is a cooperative project based in Melbourne that critiques and challenges the contemporary status quo. We focus on the socially and environmentally destructive nature of late-capitalist society. While Arena has roots in left traditions, it sees the left–right distinction in politics as outmoded in key ways, arguing that a much more general crisis of life has been set in train along multiple pathways, defying that simple division.

We are focused on the publication of ideas that explore the history, structures and practices that have shaped our world, and that provide openings to new possibilities for cooperative life and flourishing personhood. Arena is especially interested in how people and communities draw on complex cultural histories and life-ways that may defy the logic of late capitalism, and on which basis the social might be understood anew.

The core value of cooperation stands at the centre of what motivates the practices and discussions of people at Arena. It is a value that has had meaning for many groups but needs to be rethought in basic ways given the collapse of older notions of socialist cooperation. This question enlivens all the discussions held in Arena settings and shapes the activities and publications of Arena editors.

We produce two publications: Arena, a new quarterly publication, and Arena Online, a weekly service accessed on this website. Arena also organises public discussions, reading and research groups and other activities. We invite you to become a subscriber and to attend our events. You will find many of our articles available through this website. For the full set of our publications, go to Informit.

Arena has never accepted government support of any kind. Please consider making a donation via this website, or speak to John Hinkson about the Arena Foundation, which has been established to support Arena financially. Contact John on +613 8566 7274 or at .

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