Articles by: Robert Nelson

Author Biography:

Dr Robert Nelson is a Melbourne-based artist, author and art critic.

The Old Social Virus: Racism and Social Distancing of Ethnic Minorities

Eventually, we trust, the virulence of the pandemic will recede, and the social-distancing measures associated with it will ease too. But what will happen to those disadvantaged groups whose public life is threatened not by an easily transferable, invisible freak virus but rather the older tenacious social contagion called racism?

Informit: Australia’s Renaissance of drawing : The rebirth of pictorial face?

Review(s) of: Of maps and men: From the secret world of memory, drawings by Peter Kennedy, Sutton Gallery, 254 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, October 1992.

Informit: Paternalism revisited [Reply to Rundle, Guy. More on the Henson scandal; in no.96, June-July 2008.]

Informit: Saving art’s face

Informit: Setback [Gardens, town planning and the environment.]

Informit: Aboriginal art – a sacred black cow?

Informit: Limits to largesse. [The tension between art and commerce as evidenced in Mazda Australia Limited’s sponsorship of the Tom Roberts retrospective at the National Gallery of Victoria.]