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Arena Quarterly no.15

Quarterly Issue 15 Contents Page

Sep 2023

This issue has a focus on the Voice, with pieces by Michael Mansell, Celeste Liddle, Marilyn Lake, Brian Burkett and Alison Caddick. In an extended essay Dan Tout takes on 'the idea of Australia', with evident consequences for thinking through just what the Voice offers, and Andreas Pohl poses the challenging question of how genocide in Australia might be memorialised. Two pieces on the Russia-Ukraine war ask controversial questions about how it might be viewed…

Arena Quarterly no.14

Quarterly Issue 14 Contents Page

Jun 2023

Arena Quarterly no. 14 features an extensive special section on AUKUS. Clinton Fernandes and Alison Broinowski reveal in their respective articles the true commitment that AUKUS binds us to in the projection of US power against China. They debunk comforting notions that AUKUS protects vital sea lanes and builds, without social cost, local defence industries, showing us the financial and ideological commitments Australia is making to the US war machine. Binoy Kampmark details the responses…

Arena Quarterly no.13

Quarterly Issue 13 Contents Page

Mar 2023

Arena Quarterly No. 13 features a special section on nuclear power and its political resurgence as 'the only way forward' in a climate collapsing world. John Hinkson explores the deep structures of life and culture in the nuclear age, shattering any confidence there might be in the safety of the nuclear way. Dave Sweeney gives an account of the success of the people's anti-nuclear movement to date in Australia. Guy Rundle forewarns on the technocratic directions…

Arena Quarterly no.12

Quarterly Issue 12 Contents Page

Dec 2022

Arena Quarterly no.11

Quarterly Issue 11 Contents Page

Sep 2022

Accelerated Worlds

Arena Quarterly no.10

Quarterly Issue 10 Contents Page

Jun 2022

In Arena Quarterly Issue 10, titled ‘Imperium East and West’, we focus on the Russia–Ukraine war. Is it most of all Vladimir Putin’s urge to empire that is implicated in this disaster; is the West engaged in a proxy war, encouraging Ukrainians to fight and die for a US agenda; how much is a more general barbarity emerging, at least in part as a consequence of globalisation and the unravelling of democracy everywhere? There are…

Arena Quarterly no. 9

Quarterly Issue 9 Contents Page

Mar 2022

The first issue of 2022 considers the many ways in which our vision can be obscured in these complex and tumultuous times. The climate emergency—its scale so vast that it can’t be contemplated entire—grows ever more urgent. The far Right exploits well-intentioned concerns about vaccines to draw greater numbers into its fold. Meanwhile, here in Australia, a federal election looms.

Arena Quarterly no. 8

Quarterly Issue 8 Contents Page

Dec 2021

Arena Quarterly no. 7

Quarterly Issue 7 Contents Page

Sep 2021

The spring 2021 issue explores the social and political fragmentation wrought by COVID, and by the realities of contemporary life: neoliberal governance, the techno-sciences, a disconnection from nature, and rampant commercialisation and commodification.

Arena Quarterly no. 6

Quarterly Issue 6 Contents Page

Jun 2021

Care is so often undervalued and taken for granted. Yet what would our society be without care – care for our children and frail elderly, care for the environment, care in education? In this issue, Fiona Jenkins, Elise Klein, Gabrielle Meagher and Daniel Ross show the essential value of care, and how it must take a central place in thinking and planning.

Arena Quarterly no. 5

Quarterly Issue 5 Contents Page

Mar 2021

As 2021 establishes itself as a sequel to 2020 in more ways than one, Arena no. 5 considers the forces that shaped the extraordinary year that’s just passed, and that will continue to shape life now and into the future.

Arena Quarterly no. 4

Quarterly Issue 4 Contents Page

Dec 2020

In our end-of-year issue, writers consider a world after COVID-19. Dare we look to a world remade—a world beyond a 'new normal'? De-commodified housing models and grassroots ideas for communities and local councils are grounds for hope. Australia's relationship with China, and the injustices wrought at Juukan Gorge, call for caution. A Pluriversal New Deal and a reimagined, environmentally informed understanding of the land and farming offer expansive ideas for a way forward.