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Palestine and Football: Solidarity, Protest and Resistance

This single act of cynical, unfettered power epitomizes the ruthless brutality of the Israeli war machine and its intention to end the dreams of the Palestinian people.

Only Shocking Thing about Price Gouge Is Predictability

As tempting as it might be to blame the C-Suite individuals for bill increases, this type of anger merely obfuscates that such occurrences are a built in feature of our economic system.

Statement Regarding my sacking from the Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology

For anyone who knows the German landscape at the moment, there is nothing surprising about this happening to me. Many people other than me have copped a variation on this same treatment. It does not make it less infuriating. 

The Subs and the Next War

AUKUS is a poor investment even when judged by the irrational standard of its proponents.

You threw the bums a line, didn’t you?: Bob Dylan’s recurring lesson plan

Not interested in encouraging loyalty, or any of the values that can contest the process of individualization, Dylan has been a profiteer.

Cabinet Documents Supressing both the Past and the Future

Those unable to consider any other options falsely believe that such a lack of imagination confirms the validity of the decision, rather than being a clear sign that alternatives surely exist but have been purposefully removed from the public debate.

Depreciating the Real: The Never-Ending Disappointment of AI

In this world of depersonalised narcissism, shaped by a uniform corporate directive and the imperative of comfort, convenience and consumption, it would be quite sensible to lose trust in reality.

History and Ancestry: On the collective imagination of our past

Harnessing the widely held belief of identity being connected to ancestry might well have the potential to break the spell of the triumphalist version of our history and hopefully others will follow in its wake.

Shark Menace: Nets and perceptions of fear/risk

It was not a misunderstanding of the natural world and its hazards, but an understanding of the public: an understanding that fear can outweigh data, and that a token act of protection would be enough.

Climate Conference in the Hottest Year, Again: Australia’s Bid to Host COP31

This year we are once more witnesses to grand pledges in the hundreds of millions and saccharine self-adulation that rarely has any cause for celebration—but sometimes there are also breakthroughs.

Fusion Edgelords: Climate-Energy Futures at COP28

Fusion is both thirty years away and will always be thirty years away, and that disappointment needs to be constantly massaged.

Dogecoin Milei Argentina: Populism, anarcho-capitalism, cryptomagic and the world after growth

What greater, fearless, audacious commitment to freedom could one man have, but that he would let the willing dismemberment of the poor be drawn into the cash nexus? Surely, if we are now offering the ritual carving up of humans, the Gods of the Market will finally, finally return explosive growth to us?