Articles by: William I. Robinson

Author Biography:

William I. Robinson is Professor of Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara. His most recent books are Into the Tempest: Essays on the New Global Capitalism (Haymarket, 2018) and The Global Police State (Pluto Press, 2020).

Global Capitalist Crisis Deadlier than Coronavirus (Part III)

The crisis triggered by the pandemic will leave in its wake more inequality, more political tension, more militarism and more authoritarianism; social upheaval, civil strife and mass popular struggles will likely escalate.

Global Capitalist Crisis Deadlier than Coronavirus (Part II)

When the health emergency comes to an end we may be left with a global economy even more dependent on militarised accumulation than before the virus hit, and with the threat that the ruling groups will turn to war.

Global Capitalist Crisis: Deadlier than Coronavirus (Part I)

Financial speculation, pillaging the state, and debt-driven growth were ‘fixes’ that could not address the underlying structural conditions that triggered the 2008 financial collapse.