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Les Murray: Not an Encomium, by Stefano de Pieri

This is about Les Murray as I knew him. It is not an encomium but a story about how I came to know him—if you can ever know someone like him. Stephen Edgar, in a poem entitled ‘The Grand Hotel’—an analogy or disguise for Les’s mind—writes: Apart from that, though, I recall Something you said […]

A Platypus in New York City, by Marcus Breen

Sydney Theatre Company does Chekhov in NYC

Landscapes of Secret Power, by Richard Tanter

Pine Gap and Menwith Hill

Ken Loach, by Valerie Krips

That subversive gentleman

Oddities and Detritus, by Laura Fisher

Dušan Marek and Australian Surrealism: A Review of Dušan Marek: Art/Film Post 1960, : Art/Film Post 1960

The Maker Movement, by Susie Elliott and Mark Richardson

DIY culture in a time of hyper-detachment

Reflections on Pasolini’s ‘Weeping Excavator’, by Gerardo Papalia

Capitalism and the destruction of the sacred

But What’s It Really For? by Robert DiNapoli

The machining of the modern university

The Elephant Thief, by Angela Savage

Angela Savage

17 Jul 2015

The runner-up in Arena Magazine’s inaugural award for Best Short Story with a Political Edge, part of the 2014 Scarlet Stiletto Awards

Savage Women, by Melanie Meyers

Melanie Meyers

17 Jul 2015

Winner of Arena Magazine's award for Best Short Story with a Political Edge, part of Sisters in Crime's Scarlet Stiletto Awards 2014

The Battleground of Contemporary Australian Poetry by Ali Alizadeh

Trading Art for Animosity

Real Justice, by Barry Dickins

In a series of articles Barry Dickins interviews staff and reflects on Australia’s first Neighbourhood Justice Centre, in Collingwood, Victoria.