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Four Larks’ Temptation of St Antony by Tom Rigby

Four Larks, the young theatre collective based in Brunswick, Melbourne, have a well-earned reputation for ambitious adaptations. Having tackled Peer Gynt, Alice in Wonderland, The Master and Margarita and the Orpheus myth in the past, the collective has become highly adept at transforming its former auto repair shop into all manner of complex literary spaces. […]

Laughter As Protest

Walking the Israeli barrier with Mark Thomas By Bella Anderson

Obedience to Authority and its Discontents

John Cash

Killer Drones, Dieback and Democracy

Free speech and doublespeak at The Australian by Justin Clemens

Our Agency is Powerful

Roger Nelson talks with environmental art activist Natalie Jeremijenko on creating future foods for humans and the planet

Oz-tak-lihat (Australia Doesn’t See)

Recent films like Strange Birds in Paradise challenge Australia’s silence on West Papua

Perverting Photography

Recent restrictions on street photography are a symptom of the erosion of the public sphere under neo-liberalism

Diamonds are for Everyone

New trends in contemporary jewellery

The Harry Potter Finale

Old-fashioned narrative meets contemporary culture

The Future of Community Radio

For all the successes of community broadcasting, the sector is at a crossroads writes Dave Melzer

The Uses of Music

Marc Hiatt interrogates the arguments used to support the Australian National Academy of Music

Saving Art’s Face?

In the wake of the Bill Henson affair, Robert Nelson argues that artists provide perspectives that let us recognise the relativity among things that society otherwise deems axiomatic.