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Robert DiNapoli is a poet, translator, essayist and erstwhile lecturer on English language and literature. His books include A Far Light: A Reading of Beowulf (2016), Engelboc (2019) and Reading Old English Wisdom: The Fetters in the Frost (2021).

Apocalypse Wow!: The thing about conspiracies

When you realise that the very same itch to get to the bottom of things underlies the book of Revelation, The Wizard of Oz and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, you can begin to perceive what a big, rough beast the apocalyptic genre really is.

The Princeps and the Pauper

…we have seen a collation of pro-gun, anti-abortion, lib-baiting, QAnon-addled, fact-free, anti-republican Republican banshees howling for the blood in the name of Donald J. Trump, America, and Jesus, in roughly that order.

Dust in the Wind: The Transformation of University Culture

As universities competed to attract student dollars, advertising, once unheard of, consumed progressively larger proportions of stressed budgets. It also adopted the play of illusion and conditioned reflex practised by its forerunners in more commercial quarters, trafficking in fatuous slogans like ‘Dream Large’, ‘I Believe’, and ‘Worldly’ (huh?).

Unacknowledged Legislators

All the received wisdoms and shibboleths of contemporary politics and economics, which have (among much else) lifted Donald Trump to his present bad eminence and left parliaments in many lands beset by extreme right-wing parties and ideologues, need reviewing in a fresh light.

Informit: Unacknowledged legislators

Pestilence, plague, epidemic: outbreaks of contagious disease have punctuated human history for as long as humans have gathered in communities and told one another stories about how they got there. Given how much human labour has been devoted to the matter of simply not dying, spectacles of mass death arrest our attention. Whether its cause be natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes or storms, the human folly of war or the deeper shock of…

Changed Utterly

Robert Dinapoli reflects on the rapid spread of the coronavirus through a series of vignettes tracing his disrupted journey from upstate New York back to Melbourne.

Informit: The free and the brave

Above Pompeii, Vesuvius lies cold. The earth has not disgorged enteric fire...

Informit: Screwtape Redux: A Devil’s Vaunt

What muddles may we not wring from such heads...

Informit: Ballistics

What poetry could stop a bullet's whine? Maybe Wordsworth's two-fat-volume Poems...

Informit: The lookout man (it’s all in yer ‘ead’)

Lefty schemed the heist: he'd read the plans of tunnels, tripwires, sensor cells and vaults...

Informit: By the pricking of my thumbs

The phenomenon of Donald Trump now qualifies as long-running spectacle, like video footage of a tsunami or an avalanche, played over and over again in the public imagination on a scale of years. It simultaneously polarises and paralyses, corralling most responses into flash mobs of right-wing cheerleading and left-wing hand-wringers that race around each other like hamsters on their cage-wheels, going nowhere, 'con fuoco' - an OCD nightmare from which none of us seems wholly…

Informit: New year’s day: Wisdom in exile

What land proscribes you and can yet survive?...