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Facebook and Lionel Shriver, by Simon Cooper

Censorship and freedom in digital capitalism

Hazelwood is Burning, by Simon Cooper

Inhaling the consequences of market emancipation in the La Trobe Valley

Enlightened Barbarism: On Zero Dark Thirty and the Torture Debate

Whenever anyone declares that what they are doing is neutral or free of ideology we ought to be suspicious. This is even more so in relation to contemporary terrorism. How would it be possible to take a neutral stance on post 9/11 events and even have anything to say? And yet this is precisely what […]

Knowledge Markets

Simon Cooper

Arena Forum: Questioning Art and Politics

How might artists respond to the social transformations occurring today? Can artists take on a political agenda without compromising their creativity?

With Friends like John Armstrong …

The humanities’ vital contribution to the public sphere

Imagining the Post-Human

Simon Cooper Recent books by Kazuo Ishiguro and Michel Houellebecq offer guides of sorts to the post-human.

Downloading the Siren’s Song

Simon Cooper The tecnological management of otherness

Accounting for War

Simon Cooper

The Age of Hyper-cynicism

Simon Cooper

Ecce Pomo

Simon Cooper

Short Memory

Simon Cooper What will be the consequences of a quick, high-tech war?