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Simon Cooper teaches in film and literary studies at Federation University. He is an Arena Publications editor, an Associate Editor of Arena (third series) and part of the editorial team behind Arena Online. His research areas include literature and film, philosophy, social theory and techno-science.

Informit: The university: Eats its own

Gerd Schroder-Turk and academic freedom The news that Murdoch University is suing one of its own staff, Gerd Schroder-Turk, after he made comments on an ABC program is yet another indication that universities are little more than corporatised accreditation factories whose relationship to knowledge is not framed by truth or critical inquiry but by the generation of capital-where academic freedom has been sacrificed to the university brand. After Schroder-Turk, an associate professor and a member…

Informit: Exhibition: Seeing Beyond Picasso

Review(s) of: Seeing Beyond Picasso, Picasso's Vollard Suite, Art Gallery of Ballarat, 2019.

Informit: Techno-science and the post-human condition

Developing a critique of technoscientific change The news that the CSIRO had unwittingly lent its name to the latest batch of Blackmores weightloss pills - pills that had no demonstrable effect or scientific validation - barely registers as a surprise in a world where we have become used to the distortion of scientific ideals by market imperatives. The aggressive push to commercialise the CSIRO under the direction of Larry Marshall - licensed to restructure the…

Informit: Thinking about classical music

Review(s) of: The eulogy, by Janine Hosking, 2018.

Informit: Universities after Dawkins [Book Review]

Review(s) of: No end of a lesson: Australia's Unified National System of higher education, by Stuart Macintyre, Andre Brett and Gwilym Croucher (MUP, 2017).

Keeping Us Safe?, by Simon Cooper

The fetishisation of safety points to a larger transformation across Western democracies.

Informit: Keeping us safe?

Informit: Outrage

The University Does Not Think, by Simon Cooper

The fate of knowledge in an age of innovation

Informit: The university does not think

The slow death of the university - as an institution serving the public good, as a place for independent thought, as a vehicle for critical and deep cultural inquiry - continues well into the era of the Turnbull government. As with climate change, there are a few deniers, but most people recognise that universities are not what they used to be. Like extreme weather events, there are occasional incidents that bring the university into the…

Trump: The Point of No Return, by Simon Cooper

It’s now clear that Trump was not merely full of bluster during campaign mode but intends to realise as many of his promises as possible.

Trump: The Point of No Return, by Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

8 Feb 2017

In this excerpt from the forthcoming editorial of Arena Magazine, Simon Cooper argues that if a genuine alternative to Trump is to appear, liberals and progressives must recognise where their oppositional values come from, and the limits of the settings that produced them. Such settings, premised on global trade and hyper-consumption, are unsustainable for life itself, not merely politically divisive.