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Jorge Sotirios’ Graffiti Over Marble: A Portrait of Greece in Crisis covers the economic, generational and psychological fallout that Greeks have endured since the sovereign debt crisis exploded. He can be contacted at

Old Greece, New Europe, Tomorrow’s Greece

If Greece is a portal to the soul of Europe, then the entire continent is ageing, insecure and anxious. If Greece continues to be locked into Old World tropes, then the new will continue to terrify it… It will be a challenge for Greek and European youth to reinvent its raison d’être, or else the Far Right will enhance its credentials.

Informit: Children of the polytechnic

A lost generation in GreeceNikos Kazantzakis wrote an illuminating line in his autobiographical 'Report to Greco': 'I was 25, healthy and in Greece. What more could I possibly want?' Many Greeks and tourists have felt this sentiment. It might be a combination of things. The strength of youth travelling through a landscape ripe with fruit and the scent of herbs (Thyme is a village to the north of Greece). Myths greet the traveller at every…

Informit: Holiday in Cambodia

Disaster tourism in the Killing Fields and bomb trekking tours in Laos.The post-punk era certainly had its defining moments, with songs of teenage angst seared onto the memory of a generation. In the period from 1978 to 1981 jarring guitar chords were often married to leftist politics, and served with a high dose of youthful cynicism. The Dead Kennedys' 'Holiday in Cambodia' summed up a generation's malaise with an aural blast that coupled insolent lyrics…

Informit: Cuba at fifty

Along Havana's malecon, the curved promenade besides the sea, the Hotel Nacional sits like a medieval fortress. Built in 1930, with Moorish turrets, it rises six floors high to face Miami. This plush hotel was home to many international guests: JFK and Sinatra came for orgies, while Jean-Paul Sartre and Nelson Mandela stayed in solidarity. Its most notorious resident, however, was Meyer Lansky. During Batista's reign Lansky used the Nacional as his headquarters, where he…