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A lost generation in Greece

Nikos Kazantzakis wrote an illuminating line in his autobiographical ‘Report to Greco’: ‘I was 25, healthy and in Greece. What more could I possibly want?’ Many Greeks and tourists have felt this sentiment. It might be a combination of things. The strength of youth travelling through a landscape ripe with fruit and the scent of herbs (Thyme is a village to the north of Greece). Myths greet the traveller at every turn on the road, with Stimfalia, Nemea and Olympia easily reached by bus in the Peloponnese. It could be hours on a straw mat over stones beneath a hot sun by the blue Aegean. Then again it could be the renewal of the senses during summer: the delights of the stomach or the pleasures of sex. Greece as part Arcadia, part Club Med.

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