New Arena!: #5 After the Showdown—Biden’s America

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11 Mar 2021

After the Showdown—Biden’s America: Arena quarterly #5

As Alison Caddick writes in the editorial for the freshly published fifth edition of Arena:

When everything seems to be ‘melting into air’ before our eyes, and everything is more politicised than ever—the immediacy of social-media commentary on the one hand, the sharpened divisions between increasingly warring protagonists on the other—Arena hopes to slow things down; to ask for a more considered reading of events and trends; to provide some more complex interpretations of just what is happening in our world and why.

Alison Caddick

Issue #5 considers the forces that shaped the extraordinary year of 2020, and how they will continue to shape life now and into the future.

It features two essays already up on the website, namely the winner of the Alan Roberts Prize, Chloe Ward’s ‘The Limits of Science Communication’, and Faisal Al-Asaad’s devastating ‘“Except by Chance”: The Christchurch Inquiry’.

Roland and Bruce Kapferer who ponder the US election and its aftermath—is the storming of the Capitol an aberration or only a beginning? Have we seen the last of President Trump?

In addition to these, we have articles on ‘Brand Israel’ and COVID, boarderline personality disorder, cancel culture, bitcoin, poetry, reviews, history and more.

Lastly, in March all new subscriptions, including gift subscriptions, will go into a draw to win one of five copies of Tim Flannery’s The Climate Cure:Solving the Climate Emergency in the Era of COVID-19.

Yet another incentive to support independent, non-profit critical publishing…!

Alan Roberts Prize Essay: The Limits of Science Communication

Chloe Ward, 25 Feb 2021

Knowledge and scientific understanding could have been a democratic inheritance… Instead the West—that is, a powerful, liberal consensus in the West—doubled down on an elitist, technocratic politics, inattentive to social need or the growing crisis of democratic representation…

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