After the Showdown: Trump's Last Stand

As 2021 establishes itself as a sequel to 2020 in more ways than one, Arena no. 5 considers the forces that shaped the extraordinary year that’s just passed, and that will continue to shape life now and into the future.

Editorial: Political Mutations

Liberalism and neoliberalism, and thus unthinking economic and cultural globalisation, see only a larger, albeit more diverse, pond over which liberal governance can expand.


Arena Quarterly issue no. 5, 2021


Alison Caddick2
'Brand Israel' advertises its vaccination success
Micaela Sahhar4
Extending and recapitulating the War on Terror
Faisal Al-Asaad13
The fiction of borderline personality disorder
David Ferraro18
Letter from London
Viral Internationalism
What does the coronavirus crisis tell us about the present and future of internationalism?
Gerry Simpson9
US Election
Biden’s assumptions promise further eruptions from the base
John Hinkson25
Cancel culture and the new authoritarianism
Simon Cooper33
From 1984 into Brave New World
Bruce Kapferer and Roland Kapferer41
Alan Roberts Prize Essay
Contesting frames for climate action
Chloe Ward53
A history of money and the emergence of Bitcoin
Hernán Gabriel Borisonik61
Visual Essay
Federal Triangle
Mike Osbourne67
Australia’s war trials, restitution and recognition
Gavan McCormack72
But Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?
Everywhere and nowhere, apparently
Robert DiNapoli79
Review Essays
On Being Wild
Rethinking 'wildness' in Tess Lea's Wild Policy and Wendy Steele's Planning Wild Cities
Libby Porter91
Funeral Clowns in Lockdown
Trauma and traumedy in TV series Girls Incarcerated, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, Dead to Me and Enlightened
Lauren Bliss95
at the end of the day
Edith Speers87
smoker’s excuse
gloomy girls
Kirsty Sangster90

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