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Missing the Value of Care

The contemporary punitive turn in Australian social security features disinvestment from actual payments made to individuals...as well as investment in punitive mutual-obligation programs such as ParentsNext.

Claims to Identity: The Trans Debate, by Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

18 Feb 2016

Should we take Germaine Greer seriously?

Cryopreservation for the Corporation! by Julie Stephens

Corporations reshaping motherhood through subsidised egg freezing

Savage Women, by Melanie Meyers

Melanie Meyers

17 Jul 2015

Winner of Arena Magazine's award for Best Short Story with a Political Edge, part of Sisters in Crime's Scarlet Stiletto Awards 2014

Surrogacy Is to Prostitution … by Grazyna Zajdow

When the desire for children makes the exploitation of women OK

Producing Refugees (Editorial 1) Permission to Abuse (Editorial 2)

By John Hinkson

Oan Kiak: Women and Independence in Timor-Leste

In the most isolated areas of Timor-Leste, women are providing a powerful counterpoint to the apparent failure of independence, write Anna Trembath and Damian Grenfell

Shock Fetish Shoes, Sex and Shock

Michele Willson asks how far can shock advertising go before we become unshockable.