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The Brazilian Crisis: The Conflict of Past and Future in Brazil’s Current Crisis

31 May 2016

As our popular political saying teaches us, ‘in Brazil even the past is uncertain’. Fiction and reality, magical realism, political pain and social hope. I have no doubts that I have returned home.

A Question for Nick Xenophon

21 Apr 2016

Senator Xenophon says the two-party system is so suffocating that politicians don’t do what they believe is the right thing. The Nick Xenophon Team, however, will be about centrist choices because according to Xenophon the choice shouldn’t be between Right and Left but between right and wrong. This sounds good, but how will NXT avoid the suffocating effect on its parliamentary members and what will count as right and wrong? What, politically, is its ‘big…

Arena Publications Podcast #2: From Cold War to Hot Planet 01 (15/11/13) – Humphrey McQueen and Raewyn Connell

21 Jul 2014

The first of a series of recordings from Arena’s 50th anniversary symposium, “From Cold War to Hot Planet”, held at the University of Melbourne in November 2013 and co-hosted by the University of Melbourne’s Australian Centre and Arena Publications. This first recording features freelance historian Humphrey McQueen and Professor Raewyn Connell, who opened proceedings by offering their perspectives on the Arena group and its cultural and political significance.

Bringing Them the Plague: Camus at 100

7 Jan 2014

Nature, beauty, politics By Matthew Sharpe

Arena Publications Podcast #1: Interview With Prof. Richard Falk (16/09/13)

1 Nov 2013

An interview with Professor Richard Falk, Albert G. Milbank Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University, Visiting Distinguished Professor in Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara and United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights.

Climate Change is Not the Basic Issue

GEOFF SHARP argues that the technoscience–capitalism convergence has supercharged climate change. We need a movement to tackle that.

Passion and Politics in Documentary Film

Belinda Smaill

Can a Radically Human Project be Renewed in the Twenty-First Century?

Guy Rundle Looking back over the period covered by the first decade of this magazine, we can see the final collapse of a certain idea of Left politics that began with the French Revolution and the monumental work of Marx. But from within these traditions we can perceive the possibility of a political project that more fully recovers our human being.