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Behind the ‘Bali Bonk Ban’

Is an anti-colonial movement or the creeping authoritarianism of vested interests behind Indonesia’s new moral code?

Fast Drums, Slow Genocide: West Papuan group Sorong Samarai at WOMAD

In Papua they say that ‘all men are birds’, meaning that everybody sings and is close to nature…

Australia’s Unfinished Timor Business

The following years of Indonesian occupation and violent subjection of the Timorese people were accompanied by a narrative of denial by the Australian government, aimed at protecting the Suharto regime from scrutiny and allowing the regime to continue its repression of East Timor largely unimpeded.

We Are Not Monkeys!, by Peter Arndt

As Indonesian brutality intensifies, the Papuan struggle for independence reaches a crisis

Netanyahu in Australia: Just what is he selling? by Jeff Halper

Jeff Halper

26 Feb 2017

For Israel, the Palestinians have long since ceased being of any interest, let alone an existential threat. So what is really on Netanyahu's mind, and what are he and Turnbull really discussing?

The Elephant Thief, by Angela Savage

Angela Savage

17 Jul 2015

The runner-up in Arena Magazine’s inaugural award for Best Short Story with a Political Edge, part of the 2014 Scarlet Stiletto Awards

Power Assymetries and Australian Hubris

7 Jan 2014

Indonesia, Australia and Edward Snowden By Richard Tanter

Rough Road Ahead

7 Jan 2014

By John Hinkson

Papua’s Fallen Leaders

Anyone who emerges as a leader of the West Papuan people is setting out on a dangerous path

Death in Freeport

21st Century colonialism flourishes in West Papua writes Edmund McWilliam

Commemorating the SIEV X

Julie Stephens

The Education of a Spice Girl: Running Amok

Amanda Johnson