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I’ve Seen This Before: On Noah Baumbach’s film of Don DeLillo’s White Noise

The recurrence of this interface between the individual and resonances of the uncanny in late capitalist reproduction in DeLillo’s work is something that Baumbach obviously ‘gets’.

Monica Vitti and Michelangelo Antonioni

'Nothing appears as it should in a world where nothing is certain. The only certain thing is the existence of a secret violence that makes everything uncertain'

James Bond and Metaphysics: A Conceptual Review of ‘No Time to Die’

Could it be that reductive instrumental power and merely animal defined needs and desires are just as hollow in our reactive and posturing politics, our bullshit jobs and our consumer lives as they were ultimately found to be by this fantasy hero of a now fading era?

Mad Bastards

Mad Bastards (dir. Brendan Fletcher, 2011)