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Identity Crisis: Radical Gender Theory and the Left

The idea that there is no significant relationship between sex and gender carries with it an assumption about human beings that should strike those on the material Left as a challenge to an idea of freedom without which ‘the Left’ as a political entity would never have come into being at all…

Julian Assange and the Femocracy, by Gavin Lewis

The UK petitioners—neoliberal feminism and its unequal outrage

Mother Hate, by Julie Stephens

Countering the anti-maternal fantasies of the alt-Right

Me Too, by Alison Caddick

The notion ‘Me too’ carries the connotations of a certain (cultural) narcissism, and yet, or integral with, a frailty around identity

Subjectivity, Surrogacy and Entitlement, by Alison Caddick

Entitlement, like normativity, sits upon unspoken cultural commitments, and perhaps even forms of otherness that have been or will be turned into utility

Surrogacy Is to Prostitution … by Grazyna Zajdow

When the desire for children makes the exploitation of women OK

Producing Refugees (Editorial 1) Permission to Abuse (Editorial 2)

By John Hinkson

Insult and Identity by Alison Caddick

By Alison Caddick


Alison Caddick questions the mainstreaming of porn

Something Old, Something New

Jennifer Power

Beauty and Misogyny

Breast implants, tummy tucks and nose jobs have become socially approved beauty practices in the west, but SHEILA JEFFREYS argues they are better understood in terms of the United Nations' definition of harmful cultural and traditional practices

Stones and Bones

Before the echo of the London bombs had even begun to die away, local pundits had a suspect in their sights, and a headshot-to-kill policy in their minds for multiculturalism. Pamela Bone was one of the first to suggest that this might be a warning sign that we have gone too far. Might it be […]