Articles by: Jyhene Kebsi

Author Biography:

Jyhene Kebsi is a Lecturer in Gender Studies at Macquarie University. Her research areas include: postcolonialism, transnational feminism, Arab feminism, refugee literature and world and comparative literature.

When Will Tunisian Women Be Granted Equal Inheritance Rights?

Religious leaders and a federation of religious associations slammed the proposals as ‘intellectual terrorism’.

France’s 2022 Burkini Ban: Ongoing State Policing of Muslim Women’s Bodies

The evidence presented so far points up the hypocrisy of the French attitude towards veiled Muslim women.

The Mistreatment of Tunisian Migrants: Fortress Europe ‘Protects’ Itself Against Border-Crossers

…the videos document that Tunisian border-crossers have all been put in tight, crowded spaces with complete disregard for the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Misogyny and Tunisia’s Parliamentary Freeze

What is the point of having many women MPs if they suffer chronic abuse in parliament?

Big Brother is watching French academia

Anyone teaching or researching racism, colonialism or Islamophobia will be accused of ‘Islamo-leftism’

French Crack Down on Protestors: Solidarity and Violence

…many people have been asking: ‘Would the protest have been banned if it had been pro-Israel?’