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Informit: Getting to where: We want to go

It is unusual for economists to talk about democracy and socialism, and even more unusual for them to talk about economic theory in the context of democratic socialism. But this is precisely what occurred recently at an event in regional northern New South Wales.

Informit: A post-neoliberal academy?

The impacts of neoliberalism on universities are well documented and understood. From the marketisation of research and curricula and the erosion of collegiality to the de-professionalisation of academic work, the modern university has been radically transformed over recent decades.

Informit: The great divide

The new fat cats in Australia's Universities <br /><br /> These days Australian universities look more like rapacious private firms than public institutions dedicated to the common good. Increasing private-sector investment in research, private ownership of research outcomes and protection through intellectual-property laws, casualisation of labour, and managerial capture all point to what is now a commercially driven, corporatised system. As one senior University of Sydney manager remarked notably, universities are 'more like sales operations…

Mining Universities by Kristen Lyons and Carol Richards

Research in today's mining-funded tertiary sector

Informit: Mining universities

Australia's economic growth and national identity have been widely celebrated as being founded on the nation's natural resources. With the golden era of pastoralism fading into the distance, a renewed love affair with primary industries has been much lauded, particularly by purveyors of neoliberal ideology. The considerable wealth generated by resource extraction has, despite its environmental and social record, proved seductive to the university sector. The mining industry is one of a number of industries…