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Kirsty Howey is Co-Director of the Environment Centre NT. She was a native title, land rights and environmental lawyer in the Northern Territory for over a decade. Her PhD investigated the intersection of Indigenous institutions, the environment, the state and development in northern Australia. She is an adjunct research fellow at the Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University, a research associate at Deakin University and on the editorial board of the Australian Environment Review.

Gas Town, Darwin: Greenwashing fossil fuel expansion in northern Australia

That the Australian taxpayer is funding this dystopian vision during an escalating climate crisis is a national scandal.

Fracked Futures

If production proceeds in the Beetaloo Basin, it will unleash a carbon bomb of huge proportions, and expose the Northern Territory’s environment and people to numerous other risks associated with fracking, including contamination of groundwater supplies, which make up 90 per cent of the Territory’s consumptive water use.