Articles by: John Wiseman

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John Wiseman is a Senior Research Fellow with Melbourne Climate Futures at the University of Melbourne. His most recent book is Hope and Courage in the Climate Crisis, Palgrave 2021.

Degrowth, Green Growth, Post-Growth?

These key questions about the imagination and creation, financing, and governance of prosperous and resilient post-carbon communities are, as the authors of these five books forcefully argue, also vital starting points for the work required to strengthen support for reduced consumption and for post-growth ways of life.

Informit: The environment and ecological politics

In 1962, just a few months before the publication of the first issue of Arena, Rachel Carson outlined the following sharp choices about civilizational values and priorities in her foundational text of ecological politics, Silent Spring.

Informit: Internetionale? [Radical political action, from the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) to the WWW (World Wide Web).]

Informit: NAFTAmath. [Impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Canada.]

Informit: Roasted, toasted, fried or grilled?

Rejecting Tony Abbott's climate menuSeptember 2013, the hottest start to an Australian Spring since records began was also an ominous month for Australia's political climate.

Informit: Climate change, catastrophe and transformation

The recent Garnaut Review Climate Science Update provides further confirmation of two seemingly paradoxical trends. While scientific and experiential evidence that global warming is accelerating continues to strengthen, public support for the action needed to prevent catastrophic climate change continues to decline.

Informit: Social capital and the politics of co-operation: rediscovering the politics of co-operation [Reply to Scanlon, Chris. What’s wrong with social capital; in No. 69, 2004.]

Informit: Haze over Southeast Asia. [in its environmental and economic crises.]

Informit: Yes, Mrs Thatcher there are alternatives. [The rise of globalisation requires critical and reflexive responses to create alternatives.]

Informit: Howard Govt: Fightback’s back