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Informit: Orientalism and zionism: Dismantling Leon Uris’s ‘exodus’

The use of terror by extreme members of nationalist groups has surprising effects. When, a few years ago, Armenian groups began assassinating Turkish officials, such terrorism was denounced in press and television headlines as inhuman, as something of which civilized Western peoples were incapable. But, the media felt, people would want also to know why these Armenians were doing such things, and who were Armenians, and where did they come from and what had they…

Informit: Apres la guerre: dark thoughts, some whimsy.

Informit: ‘Plenty of hope, an infinite amount of hope – but not for us’: cultural studies in the shadow of catastrophe [Edited text of a talk originally given at the Interdisciplinary Studies Symposium, ‘Diaspora in Cultural Studies’, University

Informit: Vertigo: postmodernism and the market

Informit: Open letter to Kevin Rudd: [to take a stand on behalf of the Australian people, against the wanton destruction of the Palestinians and their way of life.]

Informit: New history and the new catastrophe: Ilan Pappe, the new history, and the question of Israeli genocide

Informit: Thirteen untimely meditations

Informit: Their their their Delilah. [Review of Garner, Helen. The First Stone. 1995.]

Informit: Postmodernism and politics

Informit: Post rationalism

Once again the fin de stecle, that curious period of liminality between centuries, not quite belonging to either the century that's passing or that which is looming, is proving exciting in terms of new visions, not only of Australia being, at last, at least, a republic, but of inklings of a new historical formation with which to greet the new century, however much any dream is shaded by history as threat, cruelty, and failure. We…

Informit: The origins of Paddy McGuinness

John Docker looks at the continuing influence on contemporary Australian intellectual life of the work of John Anderson.