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Faisal Al-Asaad is an Iraq-born writer and researcher based in Aotearoa/New Zealand. His main research interest is in social and critical theory, and his writing focuses on race, settler colonialism and Islamophobia.

‘Except by Chance’: The Christchurch Inquiry

...we might consider how, with unerring though likely unwitting proficiency, the report essentially acts as an endorsement of Countering Violent Extremism…

Exterminating the Other: The Christchurch massacre, Islamophobia, and settler colonialism

From frontier wars and Indigenous genocides to the global war on terror to mass shootings of synagogues and mosques, extra-legal and exceptionalist violence abounds where whiteness is structured in narratives of its own decline and even reversal.

Informit: Exterminating the other

The Christchurch massacre, Islamophobia and settler colonialism In 1904, the Otago Daily Times received and published a letter addressed to its editor in which the writer explained in earnest that.