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Alison Broinowski AM is a former Australian diplomat, author, and academic. She is President of Australians for War Powers Reform.

Australia’s Sub-Sovereignty: AUKUS, ANZUS and our Subservience

Australia’s history is replete with missed opportunities for asserting sovereign independence, for peacefully relating to our region, for sustainable development and for conciliation between settlers and Indigenous peoples.

Highway to Hell: We are being AUKUStrated!

AUKUS makes Australia a US garrison, and locks us in with US warfighting so securely that we will be unable to stay out of any American war.

Defenestrating Democracy: The status of democracy in the lead-up to Joe Biden’s summit

Alison Broinowski

6 Apr 2023

Now, the defence of democracy is being cited as a pretext for another war.

Pandemic Politics

In epidemiology, MacIntyre says, not everything is as it seems. She mistrusts some of her colleagues who put their reputations and grant applications ahead of scientific evidence and public health.

The Burtons and Bandung

If Australia’s opportunity to join the non-aligned nations faltered with the ANZUS Treaty in 1952, it died at Bandung.

Collateral Warfare: The US proxy war in Ukraine

Putting themselves above international law, the American and Russian leaders have made Ukrainians into ants, trampled as the elephants fight.

Friends You Can’t Depend On

If the United States, United Kingdom and Russia risk nuclear war over Ukraine and a gas pipeline, that is bad enough; for Australia to join this insanity is worse.

Forever Partnership, Forever War

…if the next war is against China, over Taiwan, the South or East China Sea, or some contrived event, Australia will become involved, will be a principal target, and will lose the war. China is not the Taliban.