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I Think I’ll Stay Home, by Alice Robinson

On climate change and flight

Informit: Unsettling conceptions of wilderness and nature

Prior to the currently emerging popular awareness of anthropogenic climate change, there existed little impetus for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to engage regarding the sustainability of land - no way, that is, that inherently affected, concerned or was crucial to the survival of both peoples equally. There was no issue in which both had similar amounts at stake. This is in spite of the fact that land has always been and continues to be of…

Informit: Trespassing on home soil [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Away from the dead, by Karen Jennings, Holland Park Press, 2014.

Informit: I think I’ll stay home

On air travel, climate change and 'voluntary grounding' 'It seems that changes in climate are beyond the normal 'ebb and flow'. [But] flying is necessary in today's world.' Young university researcher Laura, in Mander and Randles' frequent-flying study, 2009

Informit: This American life?

One night in 2011 I drove to Melbourne airport. The freeway was deserted. Something about the bittersweet solitude of being sealed inside a car, of passing through darkened suburbs but not stopping, had grown in me a deep melancholy. The world looked lovely, lonely and glistening. Because I didn't want to pull into Arrivals too glum, I leaned over to switch on the radio for company. The station was ABC Radio National and a program…

Informit: Was there anything he couldn’t do?

In 1961, a critic described Richard Yates' most widely read work, Revolutionary Road, as being 'about the inadequacy of human beings to their own aspirations'. Another wrote that to 'read Revolutionary Road is to have forced upon us a fresh sense of our critical modern shortcomings: failures of work, education, community, family, marriage ... and plain nerve'. Both articulate what is at the center of Yates' worldview, and so his writing: a deep, unequivocal belief…