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Designated Indigenous Seats in the Senate

Vesting authority in local Aboriginal communities gives the people tools to overcome dysfunction where it occurs, revives community integrity and enables people to plan for a healthy and vibrant Aboriginal society.

Lost in Translation

After the first paragraph, he paused and took a breath. The interpreter started speaking in Pitjantjatjara. You could see the prime minister wasn’t expecting it. After all, who was he translating for?

The Voice: Dark Fault Lines Unfold

The government that brought us the referendum has not assumed the courageous leadership that would be vital to refocusing the community at large, helping us to see things differently.

A New Right for Safe Drinking Water in NT Remote Community Housing

The prevalence of uranium in drinking water has on some measurements reached three times the recommended maximum safe level under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Beware of what? Considerations on the state of legal pluralism in Australia

The Voice may end up as a toothless tiger but it will certainly not weaken the Australian legal system, Constitution or democracy.

Still Fighting the Frontier Wars

Taking a thoroughly Orwellian approach, Katter’s Australian Party’s ‘Newspeak’ produces a twisted white supremacist discourse that easily forgets the killing times.

Settler Nationalism and Progressive Discourse

Even searching accounts of Australia’s founding can’t resist the assimilationist logic they expose.

The Unfinished Business of 1967

Treaty and Voice were being spoken of from the moment the referendum was won.

Editorial: Many Faces of Colonising Power

How will the Voice, if it comes into being, handle the further deracination of Culture in the hands of sympathetic technocrats, used as a tool itself of enlightened governance of Indigenous people and their aspirations?

Notes of an Arrernte ‘Undecided’

A Yes vote won’t change whose constitution it is, a no vote won’t take the struggle back decades....

Whose voice counts on Aboriginal heritage?

Nothing has been achieved, even after promises that things would change following the international scandal that was the destruction of Juukan Gorge.

‘Breaking the Cycle’?: Criminalising youth in Alice Springs‘

Government approaches that frame young street-walkers as ‘anti-social’ individuals who have followed the wrong ‘path’ are inherently divisive.