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An Australian Story: Moral ​Breakdown

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N’s voice was tense; he was scared. He kept apologising for imposing, his heavily accented English and my deafness an unfortunate combination. I had asked him to call me an hour later as I was on a deadline. He told me he couldn’t as he feared for his safety.

Vale Patrick Wolfe

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Patrick Wolfe tragically passed away very prematurely on Thursday, we mourn his passing.

Iraq and Our Democracy by Alison Caddick

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If the non-response to the marches against the Iraq war in 2003 confirmed a disabling political cynicism in many people, today we witness the political fruits of two decades of aggression in the Middle East and its fallout.

Latest comment: Alison, you said: "We know the story, but it is worth reminding ourselves of it: despite huge popular...

Western Innocence

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Why the West continues to devastate Aboriginal cultures

Jon Hinkson

Latest comment: Enlightenment philosophers, from say Locke onwards, seemed to go in two directions - towards a group-oriented,...