Informit article: Deconstruction, Zionism and the BDS movement

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In 2013, Gianni Vattimo and Michael Marder published ‘Deconstructing Zionism: A Critique of Political Metaphysics’. Their intervention can be situated within an admirable trajectory of collaborative efforts in Europe to press both hermeneutics and deconstruction into service on behalf of all those today who are disempowered by the machinations of global capitalism – not only the Palestinians. As a contributor to Vattimo and Marder’s collection, I have followed with interest the diverse critical responses to this important new volume. David Lloyd wrote a thoughtful review for the ‘Los Angeles Review of Books’, which was trolled nearly from the moment it appeared. Others, such as Rumy Hasan, Netta Van Vliet, Nigel Parsons, Zahi Zalloua and Shagul Magid, have also written careful responses to and analyses of ‘Deconstructing Zionism’, drawing welcomed attention to the book’s strengths and its weaknesses, and encouraging further reflection in the days to come.

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