Informit article: Can we re-imagine a good society after neoliberalism?

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In the conversations that led to this volume, there was a common agreement that the challenge of navigating beyond ‘neoliberalism’ is central to dealing with the present daunting civilisation crisis – of which disruptive climate change is the most prominent (albeit not the only) symptom. Like many on the Left, we have been perplexed by the resilience of the neoliberal regime even after the global financial crisis. We have also been intrigued by the complex association between the process of neoliberalisation and the resurgence of religion in public life. This resurgence seems to bring into question the dominant narrative of secularisation in which ‘religion’ was supposed to fade away under the conditions of modernity. Was this resurgence simply a form of rearguard reaction, or did it signify the enduring importance of some sort of religiosity as constitutive of human societies?

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