Informit article: Can we live ‘in but not of’ the immanent frame?

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I am a priest in the Anglican Church in Melbourne. I think of myself as an orthodox Christian who in good conscience recites the Nicene Creed each Sunday at the Eucharist. My interest as a priest includes seeking to give an account of the kind of world in which we live, not only in terms of various accounts that are in circulation but also in terms of the ‘divine economy’ for the whole universe from creation to consummation. It is a consummation that I understand to be a ‘telos’ not a ‘terminus’. According to St Paul, this divine economy has been long hidden in God the creator, but lately revealed in Christ. My task includes identifying the dissonances and the resonances between these various accounts and the divine economy, and to act accordingly. I seek to acclaim and expand the resonances and redeem the dissonances. All this is made possible through public conversations at the intersection of different accounts of the kind of world we live in.

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