Arena Journal Number Five, 1995

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Arena Journal issue no. 5, 1995


Enforcing the Peace
Geoff Sharp1
Commentaries: The World at Large
Making Meaning of the Yuendumu Doors
Melinda Hinkson5
The Secret of the Ngarrindjeri: The Fabrication of Social Knowledge
James F. Weiner17
(Post)Modernity/(Post)Coloniality: Mark Poster's '˜A Second Media Age'
Christopher Wise33
Transitions to Postmodernity: Self, State, Market
'˜Not a Postmodern Nomad': A Conversation with Stuart Hall
Les Terry51
Vertigo: Postmodernism and the Market
John Docker71
Faults: On Contemporary Subjectivity and the Possibility of Authorship
McKenzie Wark89
A Meaningless Emancipation: A Review of John Docker and Ken Wark
Simon Cooper105
Critique: The PostStructuralist Wave
Social Form and Discourse Theory: Foucault and the Hidden Sociology of Post Structuralism
Geoff Sharp123
Governmentality: The Specific Intellectual and the Postmodern State
John Hinkson153
Impossible Marx
Kevin Hart185
The Light of Redemption: Adorno and the Task of Critical Reason
Trevor Maddock219

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