Cold War to Hot Planet – Fifty Years of Arena

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Arena Journal issue no. 45/46, 2016


Fifty Years of Arena
John Hinkson, Simon Cooper and Alison Caddick1
Theorizing Intellectuals
Raewyn Connell12
"Language Cannot Encompass Being"
Poststructuralism and Postmodernism
Simon Cooper28
Globalization and the New World Order
John Hinkson51
Changing Forms of Economy and Class
Paul James74
Meditations Are Us
Navigating the Information Superhighway
Melinda Hinkson101
Popular Culture: Pessimism and Hope
Matthew Ryan120
Contesting Technological Modernity
Ian Barns137
The Environment and Ecological Politics
John Wiseman163
Nuclear Technologies and Exterminism
Alan Roberts177
New Subjectivity
Looking Back to the Postmodern Moment
Alison Caddick185
The Janus Faces of Indigenous Politics
Dan Tout211
Gender and the Challenges of Feminism
Grazyna Zadjow244
Social Movements
Shadow Structures of a New Social Order
Julie Stephens259
Humanities Professionals and 'the Social'
Mark Furlong271
Reviewing the Middle East
Ned Curthoys304
Engaging with Melanesia
Nic Maclellan314
Worse I May Be Yet
Projecting Politics
Justin Clemens331
Notes on Contributors

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