Making Modernity: From the Mashriq to the Maghreb

INTRODUCTION: Making Modernity from the Mashriq to the Maghreb

The recent wave of revolutions across the Arab world has brought to the surface the contradictions in popular understandings of the Middle East and North Africa. The place of the region in the global history of modernity has been unsettled yet again…


Arena Journal issue no. 43/44, 2015


Stephen Pascoe, Virginie Rey and Paul James1
Making the Middle East Modern:
Shifting Historical Frameworks
Stephen Pascoe14
They Have Never Been Modern? Then What Is the Problem with those Persians?
Paul James31
Intersections and Tensions between Civilizations and Modernities:
The Case of Oman
John Rundell55
The Beast of Syrian Modernity:
Yassin al-Haj Salehs Prison Notebooks
Frias Massouh80
Arab Cinema:
Possibilities of Modernity, Nationalism and Resistance
James Field96
Traditionalizing the Modern:
Tunisia's Living Museums
Virginie Rey115
The Messianic Idea in Shi'i Islam and its Modern Politicization
Cara Hinkson135
Nasser and the Modernization of Egypt
Robert Pascoe156
An Unfinished Revolution?
Yoni Molad178
Hunting Leviathan in the Middle East
Maher Mughrabi191
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