Being Arab: Arabism and the Politics of Recognition

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Arena Journal issue no. 33/34, 2009


Arabism Now
Christopher Wise1
Candles and Condolences: Who Gave you Injection?
Aisha Khawaja Razem16
Arab Identity and Political Recognition
Arabness: Between Life and Death
Hala Abu Taleb21
Black, Jew, Arab: Postscript to The Wretched of the Earth
Ella Shohat32
Identity: On Recognition and Nation
Diana AbuJaber61
Displacement: In Cities of the Unrecognized
Paul James64
Arabism and Diasporic Voices
Diasporic Thinking: Between Babel and Babylon
Ella Shohat in conversation with Christian Höller90
Diasporic Visions: Al Andalus in the German-Jewish Imaginary
Ned Curthoys110
Democratic Potentials: Bish Arabism in Israel'“Palestine
Matthew Jess Atwood139
Arabism and Nationalism
Arab Nationalism after Iraq
Gilbert Achcar in conversation with Christopher Wise159
Arab Nationalism and Islam at the Crossroads
Jamal R. Nassar175
Encountering Pan-Arab Nationalism: A Culture War
Ralph Coury185
Arabism and Africa
Afrabia: From Divergence to Afro'“Arab Convergence
Ali A. Mazrui222
Taboo Racism: The Mouride Perspective on Arabism
Fallou Ngom236
Arabism and Jihad in the Sahel
Christopher Wise254
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