Demanding the Impossible: Utopia and Dystopia

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Arena Journal issue no. 31, 2008


Socialism Utopian, and Scientific?
Andrew Milner7
'ňúDemanding the Impossible'
Bruce Petty16
Refuting Marx and Engels: Australian Utopianism in the 1890s
Verity Burgmann21
The Encyclopedia of Australian Utopian Communalism
Bill Metcalf47
On Christian Communism: The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Kautsky
Roland Boer63
Making the Present Impossible: On the Vocation of Utopian Science Fiction
Tom Moylan79
Australia as Dystopia and Eutopia
Lyman Tower Sargent109
A Tour Guide in Utopia
Lucy Sussex127
Hope is Critical: Cormac McCarthy's The Road
Matthew Ryan151
Noah's Ark Revisited: (Counter-) Utopianism and (Eco-) Catastrophe
Kate Rigby163
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