Arena Journal Number Twenty-Eight, 2007

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Arena Journal issue no. 28, 2007


Securing the Future
John Hinkson3
The Abuses of Realism and Australian Security Interests
Richard Tanter9
Turning Sunni and Shia Against Each Other
Jeremy Salt21
Nations vs Imperial Unions in a time of Globalization, 1707'“2007
Tom Nairn33
Aotearoa/New Zealand: Postcolonial Entities
Rogue Pakeha
Laurence Simmons45
Postcultural Hospitality: Settler'“Native'“Migrant Encounters
Jo Smith65
'˜Inclusive Exclusion': Managing Identity for the Nation's Sake in Aotearoa /New Zealand
Stephen Turner87
Academic Darwinism: The (Logical) End of the Dawkins Era
Simon Cooper107
Zionism Without Zionism: The Jacqueline Rose'“Edward Said Exchange
Christopher Wise119
Do We Really have to Work More Creatively?
Paul Magee133
All Music is Popular Music?
Bruce Johnson155
Globalization, Capitalism and the Market: Beyond Ahistorical and FlatEarth Arguments
Paul James and Barry K. Gills171
Between the Fronts: Germanspeaking Intellectuals in the Viet Minh
Heinz Schütte197
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