Arena Journal Number Twenty-three, 2005

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Arena Journal issue no. 23, 2005


A Context for Spin?
Geoff Sharp3
Weird Weather and Climate Culture Wars
Peter Christoff9
New Labour and Post-Fordist Ideology: Inherent Contradictions
Gavin Lewis19
White Redemption Rituals: Repatriating Aboriginal Secret-Sacred Objects
Philip Batty29
The Middle East
Decolonization in France and Israel: A Comparative Approach
Lorenzo Veracini37
Rethinking the Path to Peace: A Binational State for Palestinians and Israelis?
Holli Thomas53
Political Myth, or Foreign Policy and the Fantasy of Israel
Roland Boer77
Murder and Martyrdom: Suicide Terror in the Third Millennium
Julian Madsen97
Discourse/Genre/Grammar The Grammar of Life '“ In Dialogue with Don Watson's Death Sentence
Annabelle Lukin111
Genre Worlds: The Discursive Shaping of Knowledge
John Flow129
Capitalism and the Corporate Logo
Warwick Mules147
The Phantom Solution: Climate Change and Nuclear Power
Alan Roberts161
Hanoi in Transition: From Pre-Modern to Modern Times
Heinz Schütte189
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