Arena Journal Number Twenty-two, 2004

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Arena Journal issue no. 22, 2004


With Sand in Their Eyes
Geoff Sharp3
Commentaries: The World at Large
The End of Dissent
Jenny Hocking11
War and the Future: Iraq One Year On
Simon Cooper21
Torture on the Road to Freedom
Michael Humphrey29
Rebranding Australia '” in a different light?
Melinda Hinkson37
Nation-Building and the Politics of Oil in East Timor
Damian Grenfell45
Postmodern Museums
'˜Such a man would find few races hostile': History, Fiction and Anthropological Dialogue in the Melbourne Museum
John Morton53
Displaying the Enola Gay, Hiding Hiroshima
Timothy Luke73
Middle East Perspectives
Beyond Right and Wrong There is a Field '” I'll meet you there
Dvir Abramovich83
Israeli Apartheids
Lorenzo Veracini99
Ambiguous Nationalism '” A Reply to Joan Cocks
Tom Nairn119
Ironic Reversal: Writing Cultural Ambivalence in the Works of Franco-Algerian Writers
Kathryn Lay-Chenchabi139
The Bible and the Beekeeper's Manual: Raymond Williams and Religion
Roland Boer159
Notes on Contributors

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