Arena Journal Number Nineteen, 2002

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Arena Journal issue no. 19, 2002


Is This the End of History
Geoff Sharp1
Commentaries: The World at Large - After September 11
Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism and the Globalization of Insecurity
Joseph A. Camilleri7
Chechnya and the Theatre of War
Boris Kagarlitsky21
Terror on the Beach
Simon Cooper27
On Global Terror
John Hinkson33
Globalization and the Unchosen: Leaving America Behind
Tom Nairn45
StemCell Alchemy: TechnoScience and the New Philosopher's Stone
Kate Cregan and Paul James61
Cultural Studies
'˜Plenty of hope, an infinite amount of hope '“ but notfor us.' Cultural Studies in the Shadow of Catastrophe
John Docker73
Left Out? Marxism, the New Left and Cultural Studies
Andrew Milner85
Another World is Possible
Arthur Mitzman99
Can Education Challenge NeoLiberalism?
Lui Armando Gandin and Michael Apple127
Global Capitalism and the Return of the Garrison State
Henry A. Giroux141
Self-Reliant Citizens and Targeted Populations
Vaughan Higgins161

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