Arena Journal Number Sixteen, 2000/01

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Arena Journal issue no. 16, 2000


John Hinkson1
Commentaries: The World at Large
A Future for Socialism?
Terry Eagleton5
From Fragile Peace to Violent Apartheid: Israel and Palestine are at War
Oren Yiftachel13
From Uprising to War
Jeremy Salt25
Indigenous Rights and the Crisis in Fiji
Nic Maclellan31
The New South African Arms
Peter Lewis Young39
The Politics of Holocaust Representation: the Worldly Typologies of Hannah Arendt
Ned Curthoys49
Democracy and Genocide
Tom Nairn75
Photo Essay
Fresh Road Kill
Nick Petroulias and Peter Lyssiotis85
Theory and Politics
Che Vuoi?/What Do You Want? The Question of the Subject, the Question of Zizek
Matthew Sharpe101
'˜Eastern' and '˜Western' Nationalisms
Benedict Anderson121
Insecure Australia: Anti-Politics for a Passive Federation
Ben Wellings and Paul James133
Why the Right Uses '˜Class' Against the Left
Damien Cahill153
Notes on Contributors

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