Arena Journal Number Ten, 1998

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Arena Journal issue no. 10, 1998


Globalization in Crisis
John Hinkson1
Commentaries: The World at Large
Jeremy Salt9
Japan Inc.: Drowning, Waving, or Considering Its Options
Richard Tanter15
The World Trade in Students
Doug White27
Politics on Ice in Cool Brittania
Guy Rundle33
Neo-Buddhist Hindi Journals among Indian Untouchables
Dennis Walker45
Cultural Frames
Terrestrial and Marine Space in Imagination and Social Life
Nonie Sharp51
Time and Class
Zygmunt Bauman69
Reconstituting Work: Towards an Alternative Ethic of Social Reproduction
Paul James85
From Global Citizen to Renegade State: Australia at Kyoto
Peter Christoff113
Fetishizing Ethnicity, Locality, Nationality: The Curious Case of Tom Nairn
Joan Cocks129
Zygmunt Bauman and the New Poor
Dead Indians, Flawed Consumers and Snowballs in Hell
Trevor Hogan151
After the Poor: A Future with a Past
Geoff Sharp159

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