Arena Journal Number One, 1993

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Arena Journal issue no. 1, 1993


Cooperation After Modernity
Interpretation and the Present
Racism, AntiRacism and Moral Progress
Zygmunt Bauman9
Postmodern Economy, Value, Self Formation and Intellectual Practice
John Hinkson23
Islam as an Identity Discourse: The Turkish Immigrant in Germany
Aysegul C. Baykan45
Culture and the Self in Social Theory
Foucault and Psychoanalysis
Peter Cotton63
Towards a Politics of the Unconscious
Henry Krips106
Foucault and Sade
Dominique Lecourt120
Public and Private Paradox: Prostitution And the State
Philippa Levine131
The Semiotics of Veiling and Vision: Women and Cinema
Hamid Naficy145
The Trouble with Homo Faber: The Dead Hand of Craft
Kevin D. S. Murray161
Theorizing the Cultural Ground
Marx and the Abstract Nation
Paul James172
Weber and Elias on Civilization: Protestant Ethics and Sport in England
Helmut Kuzmics195
Extended Forms of the Social
Geoff Sharp221

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