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Introduction – Issue 45/46 ‘Cold War to Hot Planet: Fifty Years of Arena’

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This issue of Arena Journal emerges from a day-long symposium held at the University of Melbourne in 2013 marking fifty years of publications by the Arena group. The event was composed of diverse presentations, some from among the original editors of the first series of Arena, some by contributors to that first series and others by editors and contributors from more recent times. The day was marked by an unusual vitality as well as recognition of a unique contribution made by the publications, not only to Australian political and cultural history but also to the development of a theory of social transformation not found in publications elsewhere. There was a strong sense that something of this contribution needed to be reflected upon in a further publication looking back on those past fifty years.

Editorial – Issue 39/40

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Geoff Sharp introduces the Issue

“The general thrust of the contributions to this issue of Arena Journal is transformation. These articles suggest that the organisation and conduct of social life is now changing in ways that unsettle the basic assumptions that have underpinned the whole epoch of modernity…”

After the Intervention

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2008: Issue 29/30.
John Hinkson on the dangers of promoting neo-liberalism as the basis of Aboriginal culture.

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