Vertigo: Images of the turmoil of seeking asylum in Persian miniatures

Under the Same Moon

UB, 25 Feb 2021

Webtoon: An inter-generational story of migration and place-making.

About the author

Mahla Karimian

Mahla Karimian is a visual artist whose emerging practice has been predominantly focused on classical Persian Miniature scratchboard and photography. Mahla has participated in a number of group exhibitions, and co-produced community cultural development projects including Asylum Silk Road, Migrant Mothers, and Melbourne Artists for Asylum (MAFA). She now works primarily in photography, etching, printmaking, jewellery making and sculpture, and is a printmaking tutor for Monash University.

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Thank you Mahla Karimian for this striking visual reckoning of how seeking asylum is such a precarious feeling and experience of vertigo. Your artwork is illuminating.

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