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Viewing the New War in Syria, by Stephen Pascoe

Stephen Pascoe

20 Apr 2017

Stephen Pascoe on Trump's air strikes in Syria, and the historical resonance of the aerial view

Bougainville: Australia’s Secret War, by Kristian Lasslett

The hidden hand of Canberra in a war little cared about by the Australian people.

Tony Abbott’s Iraq Adventure, by Paul Barratt

Romance and reality in following the United States into war

War Culture, by John Hinkson

The failure of globalisation and its trajectory towards war is a drama that is completely novel.

Here We Go Again, by Paul Barratt

In this desperately complex situation, the nature and extent of Australian involvement is effectively in the hands of just three people—Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and Defence Minister David Johnston …

Going in Hard, by Alison Caddick

It is a classic situation of a war government gathering support on the home front by creating divisions and binding loyalties, and of a shallow media setting up feared figures then knocking them over in preemptive ways in what we are expected to see as civilised media behaviour.

Outrage by Noam Chomsky

Manufactured outrage and the hypocrisy of the West

Tearing Syria Apart by Jeremy Salt

A war is being waged in and on Syria. Protecting the people from the dictator is no more than the usual pretext for attacks on Middle Eastern countries.

Producing Refugees (Editorial 1) Permission to Abuse (Editorial 2)

By John Hinkson

Australia-US Relations in the ‘Asian Century’

Australia has been captured by the US policy of containing China By Malcolm Fraser

Global Challenges

Can cities take us beyond asymmetric war and environmental violence?

Afghanistan: Gift or Grand Conceit?

It is beyond most Westerners to understand today how offers of democracy are really much more than this: there is a widespread incapacity to grasp the social assumptions embedded in our 'gifts' writes John Hinkson