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Towards Inanition: Diminishing the Humanities, Communications and Arts at Our Peril

Reason, rationality, calculation and measurement need to be transformed by empathy, compassion, imagination, dialogue, creativity and importantly the questioning of authority and power.

Last Chance for Universities?

How bad will it be? Up until the COVID-19 pandemic, international-student revenue for Australian universities had been around 25 per cent across the sector, with many of Australia’s ‘sandstone’ universities relying on international students for at least a third of their income. The loss of much of this revenue for the near to mid-future represents the biggest crisis the sector has faced. …universities will act vigorously to manage their finances.

Ramsay’s Groupthink, by Nick Riemer

The stock critiques made by Ramsay and its friends on the Right show how little it actually knows about the humanities

Teaching to the SET, by Grazyna Zajdow

The student as consumer and monitoring academic staff

‘Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!’, by Bruce Buchan

On the ruins of Western civilisation

‘To the Edge of Freedom’: May ’68 and Now, by Alison Caddick

Here, then, in Paris, in one of the heartlands of the Western tradition/logos, in one of the oldest universities in the world, there seems to have been a sense that the whole of existence was being newly lifted into the political.

The University Does Not Think, by Simon Cooper

The fate of knowledge in an age of innovation

Statement from NTEU Victorian Secretary Colin Long on the Suspension of Roz Ward

3 Jun 2016

Wednesday was a bleak day for Australian universities, for freedom of speech and for democracy. On that day, the management of La Trobe University suspended from work Roz Ward, NTEU member and Safe Schools advocate, on serious misconduct charges. Her alleged offence? That she wrote, in a private Facebook post, that it would be good if the “racist” Australian flag flying over Parliament were one day to be replaced by the red flag. It is…

The Virtual University

27 Feb 2016

The devaluation of teaching, the reduction of students to transferable commodities, the traducing of research to grant-getting and revenue-raising, the desire to rise in global university rankings, and so on, mean that universities are already becoming experts at responding to a scorched earth scenario at least partly of their own creation.

Conference: Help Challenge the Privatised Uni!


November 23, 2015 - November 24, 2015
The Global Change Institute, St Lucia, Queensland
Join the discussion to find ways to reclaim and reinvent public good universities.

But What’s It Really For? by Robert DiNapoli

The machining of the modern university

University Deregulation, by Nick Riemer

Public higher education needs defenders made of sterner stuff